Quality Policy & Certifications

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ISO-Certificate ISO-Certificate
  • To fulfill or exceed customer needs and expectations by delivering quality writing instruments at competitive prices consistently.
  • To cultivate and maintain the commitment to continual improvement of our processes.
  • Develop our capability and infrastructure to continuously innovate in order that we use the latest available technology to meet the ever changing demands of the market place.
  • Maintain a healthy and constructive work environment that enables personnel to produce maximum output and perform better than what they think is their best.
  • Providing writing instruments to the domestic and global market at the highest international standards and at competitive prices to achieve consumer satisfaction.
  • Using state of the art Technology and a highly trained manpower within a production system that focuses on precision.
  • Creating a work environment that engenders a high level of motivation and synergy within the employees. This is to enable each person to do better than what he thinks is his best for achieving excellence in Quality.