Production Process


Sayyed Engineers has a carefully structured production organization for producing quality writing instruments and other stationery items. We use the finest machines and quality raw materials from leading suppliers in the world . This is complimented by highly experienced and skilled labor.

Our products are produced according to precise quality control parameters. These well documented quality control procedures have earned us the prestigious ISO 9001:2008

Sayyed also has its own mould designing and mould making capability which has enabled it to meet 50% of its mould requirements and 100% of its maintenance needs in-house. This has contributed to a valuable expertise in designing, as well as an efficient in-house maintenance system for achieving consistent performance.

Sayyed has two production facilities: the main production facility is located in the city of Gujranwala about 90 km from Lahore which is the provincial capital; the other facility is located in an industrial zone 60 km from Lahore.